The name chosen, Wasabi, captures the Japanese-influenced geometry of their creations, as well as the spice that their garments add to the Brazilian fashion scenario. Just as the label's name, which often generates a questioning among clients and outsiders, Wasabi's clothing - with its out-of-the-ordinary cuts and new silhouettes for the female form - lead women to challenge and reassess their understanding of clothing.

Wasabi has firmed its strong and unique aesthetic, leaving behind trends for pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. The designers, Ana and Daniela, encourage their clients to play around with each collection's wide array of adaptable pieces. For example, a super feminine, printed full skirt can be clashed with an androgynous, boxy shirt - an outfit that can be re-worked by simply adding a loose, straight-cut jacket to it. This playfulness in dressing is also inspired by Japanese women, who are not afraid to explore original combinations of cuts, prints and garments. Wasabi's impeccable finishing and detailing also point to the meticulousness seen in Eastern fashion.


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