From Ipanema Beach to the World 
Straight from the sand and sea of Ipanema Beach to the world, Salinas eye-catching creations embodies the sunny and fresh lifestyle of Rio. When Jacqueline De Biase, the founder of Salinas, first had the idea of making bathing suits, she was a typical Carioca girl who spent her time between modeling and afternoons at the beach alongside her surfer husband. It was 1982, and she found herself questioning why bikinis of that time were so small and uncomfortable. It turns out that most swimwear back then was created by men, reflecting a culture that was used to overexposing the body.
Alongside her husband, Tonico De Biase, she began a mission which would last to the present-day: create a comfortable and flattering bikini for women. As a mother, she became aware of the changes of her body and created bigger bottoms to cover scarring and the lower abdomen, which most women did not like to show. 
From the very beginning, the Salinas swimsuit stood out: it represented swimwear for women by women. It wasn't long until it caught the eyes of Cariocas, causing a change in the landscape of Ipanema Beach. Thanks to Jacqueline, women were more covered, more comfortable and more stylish on the beach.
Thirty-four years after its foundation, Salinas continues creating for a woman who has a youthful spirit, which continues present in Salinas' creations. Throughout the years, this freshness that is present in its swimwear has attracted more women - of varying ages and of body types - that share one thing in common: the joie de vivre.