Martha Medeiros - Laced dreams handmade into dresses
Created with some of the world's finest laces, Martha Medeiros' exquisite garments are a dream come true not only for the women who wear them, but also for the hundreds of Brazilian lacemakers whose lives have been transformed by the handcrafted work they complete for the label.  
Martha believes that "the future has an antique heart", so it was only natural that she would look to the past as the foundation for her label. Although Martha uses various luxurious laces, her specialty is Brazilian-made Renaissance lace. This noble French textile was brought to Brazil 200 years ago by nuns, who taught its production technique to local low-class women, offering them a mean of income. 

Martha's most significant work, however, focuses not on lace but rather on those behind it: the 463 lacemakers spread throughout Brazil's sertão, a drought-ridden and impoverished region of the Northeast. The designer has reconnected these women to their skill, offering them an opportunity to empower themselves. She knows many of them intimately, threading a friendship as genuine as the lace that has brought them together. Martha has even established the organization Olhar Do Sertão, which seeks to better the lives of lacemakers and their family through various well-being initiatives. Martha has always believed in the richness of this land and its people. Like the local Mandacarú flower, a symbol of good fortune - as it blossoms only before the rain comes - Martha represents transformation and hope for the sertão. 
A woman of authentic Brazilian heritage, Martha shows us that true luxury is handmade, personal and, above all, soulful.