Up Close and Personal Swimwear 

Emerging from the Brazilian sea of swimwear, Ki & Co sets itself apart from other labels by offering fulfilling experiences rather than mere products to its clientele. The label makes women feel simultaneously comfortable and impeccably elegant on the beach. Its exclusive, vibrant prints convey the true meaning of endless summer, allowing us to feel the Brazilian tropical heat from anywhere in the world. Above all, Ki & Co allows us to experience the world of founder Kitty Saladini, a modern and global woman with a vivacious spirit akin to that of her native town of Rio de Janeiro. Her thoughtful touch is present in every one of the label's creation and is what makes Ki & Co - which refers to the designer's daughter’s names - feel so personal and unique. 

Kitty's history with swimwear began unpretentiously as she started making bikinis for herself and friends. After motherhood, she became increasingly unsatisfied with the small sizing of Brazilian bikinis, creating swimwear that offered true sizing and greater coverage. It turned out that her dissatisfaction was shared with many in her circle, who instantly flocked to her creations made for real women. Kitty's swimsuits were quickly picked up by one of Rio's most renowned multi-brand stores, which in turn pushed her to formally launch Ki & Co in 2015. The self-made designer, who had spent years working in the art world in Rio and Barcelona and obtaining marketing and fashion degrees from the reputable London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, hadn't planned to own a fashion business. However, as more and more women knocked on her door, desperate for to wear Kitty's more body-conscious vision, she stepped up to the challenge.  

Despite the growth of Ki & Co in the last years, one thing has remained the same since its beginning days: Kitty is very hands on. She invests in a very artisanal and limited production, which allows her to upkeep quality while staying up close and personal with her creations. She has no interest in selling in large numbers, despite the fact that many of her pieces - from silk kimonos to selected printed bathing suits - sell out quickly. Exclusivity is part of Ki & Co's allure, keeping women coming back for more. 

Although a Ki & Co swimsuit may not be a go-to-piece for sunbathing and tan lines, it is certainly the perfect choice for refined and active women who wish to feel confident and secure, rather than exposed, at the beach.

The designer’s sensitive, no frills approach is also seen in the details of her creations. Her swimwear’s lining is made of the same lycra as the piece itself, guaranteeing that only high-quality fabrics touch her clients’ skin. In addition, Ki & Co’s impeccable finishing often times does not use elastic, an element that the designer avoids as it tends to squeeze undesired parts of the body. Ki & Co only uses natural fabrics, like silk and linen, for its summer inspired-clothing for both women and children. It is easy to see that Kitty thinks of every possible minute detail and has her hand in every part of her label.

Essentially, this feeling of intimacy with the designer - this touch of Kitty - is what draws women to Ki & Co. She represents the woman of today - a real woman who has had to find solutions in order to juggle motherhood, a business and her artistic vision. Naturally, we all would like to wear a piece of her.

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