The One Brazilian Shoe that Fits All

Blue Bird loafers and all other styles are a specie of their own. Every shoe is made through an artisanal process inspired by traditional Italian shoemaking, which involves a total of 32 craftsmen. The inside of the shoe is entirely lined with fine leather. For the insole, the founders wanted to develop something unique and extremely comfortable – as comfortable as the bed they sleep on every night, literally! That is why she developed a partnership with a German mattress company to create a special, thicker-than-usual insole made with the same technology as its mattresses. This is why laying your feet onto a BB shoe is such a soothing experience. These are details that the eye cannot see, but that the feet can certainly feel - and be thankful for.  

And, if what you find inside a Blue Bird is incredible, what you see on the outside is even more! The shoes of each collection are original and tell their own story, which incorporates a mix of the designers' enchantment with Brazil and their global outlook. Past collections were inspired by muses like the Brazilian surrealist artist Maria Martins and the Italian modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi, both of whom brought a lot of influence from abroad into Brazil's culture. Another collection paid homage to Brazil's fauna and flora, featuring toucans and bananas embroidered onto straw loafers.  And each season, Blue Bird launches their Classic line of loafers - and occasional variations of this shoe, which are just as original and always fun!