Amir Slama - Writing Brazil's swimwear history
Before becoming one of the country’s most important names in design, Amir was a historian who saw fashion as a mean of financing his research on Brazilian history. The then-historian looked at Brazil’s fashion scene and quickly realized that, despite being in a country known for its endless coastline, beachwear was far from having a place in the sun. By 1993, he had founded Rosa Chá, the first label to transform swimwear into an entire fashion line. In the hands of this pioneer, bathing suits were coupled with kaftans, blouses, pants, dresses and accessories that could be worn anywhere - on the sand or on the streets. 
Rosa Chá was the first swimwear brand to participate in a Brazilian fashion week.  Instead of writing about Brazilian history, he began writing the story of beachwear as we know today, always adding his signature cultural ingredient to them - be it a touch of Carmen Miranda's bananas to Hélio Oiticica's geometry.
With the growth of Rosa Chá, the label fused with a major Brazilian fashion conglomerate and Amir eventually sold it in 2010. His 25-year career now continues under the label that bears his name, showing that Amir is a master of making swimwear for the global woman. His casually chic bikinis and clothes are befitting to women of all body types around the world. Amir  has perfected the balance between plunging necklines and oscillating hemlines, using materials like chiffons and crochet to add a final touch of sensuality. 
Amir Slama opts for small productions and even attends to custom orders in his stores located in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A costumer may walk into the store and, within a few days, walk out with a garment that has the cut and print of her choice, made to fit every inch of her body. In a market where mass production has became the norm, Amir's custom-made initiative  shows that he is always ahead, leading change within the fashion scenario.